State agencies will also not call, email or text you to collect information or a fee to process a stimulus payment. To date, no state has introduced their own version of a stimulus payment.

As of now, we are only aware of one communication a taxpayer will receive from the IRS. No later than 15 days after distributing a stimulus payment, the IRS is required to mail a notice to the taxpayer indicating the payment amount, whether the payment was mailed or deposited, and a phone number to call if the taxpayer did not receive the payment

The IRS has announced that they will begin accepting and processing all individual returns on Monday, January 27. Returns transmitted before this date are being held in a queue and will be transmitted to the IRS in the order they were received.

When the IRS starts processing returns, acknowledgments may be unpredictable due to the high volume of returns being processed.

As of 3/19/20 I had made the decision to stop walk-in appointments. For the safety of my clients and my family I feel it's the right thing to do. I am still preparing tax returns, and if you give me a call we can discuss what is the best way to submit your documents to me. When they are completed there are several options for signing.
The tax deadline for filing and paying your taxes has been extended until July 15, 2020. This includes Mass as well.
Please know that I am still in my office working hard to get you those refunds! Give Raadical Tax a call at 508-865-4500 and we can discuss your options. Be safe!!



​​This is an important read. Don't be fooled...the IRS will not call you!!

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury Department, or any other government agency will not contact you by phone to collect information for stimulus payment processing. Period!!

Government agencies will not email or text you to collect information for stimulus payment processing. Watch for suspicious emails or texts with links or attachments requesting information for processing stimulus deposits or checks. If you receive one, do not click the link or open the attachment. It’s a scam. Delete it!!



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